Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eve Hammond-Bushman '76

Hello Gondoliers!

I was the tall nerdy blond that hung out with Ellen Wegener, Jim Matsuo -- the boyfriend that stood on the curb while I waited in the gutter to be kissed, Roland Di Gacomo - we both wore denim overalls, the Perry brothers -which one did I date?, Lloyd with his famous American cheese sandwiches - 6 slices of cheese with mayo slathered in between each. And before they graduated in 1975 and left me it was Janice Levin, Maria Giuilani, Steve Mrkonic and John Guevara. (Jan, Maria, Steve, John and Ellen - we have been able to keep up via e-mail since Vicki got us re-connected! Thank you Vicki!!!!)

Never finishing college I worked retail for a time and then settled down to managing. First retail and then, somehow, dental offices. I have been working part time the last six years in Toluca Lake. I settled down with my husband of 21 years, Eddie Bushman, a guy Maria and I must have cruised past on Van Nuys Blvd. He is a Fire Chief for LA City.

I am also a writer for our local newspaper where we live in Santa Clarita. I write free for non-profits and have a Wine 101 column. You can search under my last name, Bushman, at if the mood strikes you to.

I wanted to write a little bio on me as it looked like this site was taking a somewhat religious detour from being about us to being about our personal religion. I happen to be a Unitarian Universalist, which you can look up yourself, again if the mood strikes you too. Spirituality is a individual choice. And I hope all Gondoliers have made good ones. Serving God? I set an example for my daughter in doing volunteer work and following what I would assume we all adhere to. Being a decent human being.

Of course, all bets are off if you remember me being a complete jerk at Venice! Oh yeah, the photos - I'm the center in the front, still blond (chemically) at a tour of Silver Oaks winery in Napa. My husband is wearing the beige sweater on your right, rear of the photo. The other photo is of my twelve year old daughter. Red hair, size ten shoe, undoubtedly will outgrow me!

Eve (Evan) Bushman (Hammond)


Arissa said...

You write very well.

Eve Bushman said...

Arissa! Do we know each other? I just noticed you nice remark. Thank you. If you are interested in reading more from me...and I welcome comments, go here: