Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Night's '77 Reunion

Last nights Reunion for the Class of '77 went well. I was there with two other '76-ers helping at the Registration Desk, Ellen Kojima-Jee and Alison Hino. I think their task looked harder than mine. I was selling the Alumni Membership and the Memory Books, they did the registration. Roger Nelson was there taking care of the video presentation like he did for us. There were a good many folks there that attended last year. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and seeing old friends. Decorations were wonderful and the DJ rolled out the 70's tunes. The Marriott as always had a nice spread of food and dessert.

Well, another 30 Year Celebration is over and time to relax and remember your friends you reconnected with.

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Alison said...

Hey there. Thought I'd finally add something. Had a pretty good time at the 77' reunion considering I was there kind of last minute just to help out. This was my first reunion. It was busy but everyone was amazingly patient and nice. Thanks V for just being there.